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About Us

Snowboarding is not just a sport, Snowboarding is a lifestyle. It is about being with your friends and sharing a common love of the great outdoors. Snowboarding is the ultimate freedom of letting all of your worries fade away. The feeling of flying down the mountain is irreplaceable by anything else.

Using the mountain as your canvas, and the snowboard as your instrument, you create your own work of art. Snowboarding is the ultimate freedom of expression, in which every rider has their own style. It is your own style that makes you unique and different from the rest. For it is in our differences where we realize the magnitude of our fullest potential.

At 728 Outdoor, we celebrate creativity, individuality, and finding your own way. Just as each rider finds their own way down the mountain, each person finds their own path to success by expressing their individuality and true passion. It is our mission to help turn your creativity into your very own masterpiece.

728 Outdoor is a snowboard company with its headquarters based out of Laporte, Colorado. The name 728 Outdoor comes from the address of our founder, Nick Kintzley, whose family grew up on 728 Maple St. in Fort Collins, Colorado. The good memories and family times live through the 728 Outdoor name.

728 Outdoor is centered on advancing the boundaries of extreme sports and providing products that bring out the full potential of all athletes who use them. It is our mission to elevate all of our customers' abilities with a premium product designed to perform under the most extreme conditions this world has to offer.

Our snowboards are built using the world's most advanced snowboard manufacturing technology. 728 Outdoor has the capability of making the highest quality product on the market. We also have the capabilities of creating custom snowboards for our customers and business partners. These unique and one-of-a-kind products are designed to reflect the creativity and values of each individual that rides them. We strive to make sure that every single detail of each snowboard captures the individual.

Our dedication to customer service and love for the outdoors has brought together a close knit family of people loyal to 728 Outdoor. We want to expand our family and share what we have to offer to rest of the world. As our family grows, we cherish every person who supports our products, and we make sure to always stay loyal to every unique individual.

Welcome to the 728 Outdoor family!

The 728 Family