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728 Artists

Here at 728 Outdoor, we truly value the creativity that each individual possesses. We have been very fortunate to partner with artists that exemplify a creative genius that cannot be matched. It is our honor to recognize these extremely talented individuals and feature their artwork in our products. Everyone is unique and has something great to bring the world. It is our differences that make us who we are. We encourage and support the pursuit of your true passion. Never stop exploring your creative genius. We challenge you to pursue what you love relentlessly and create your own work of art, no matter what the form.

“My object in painting pictures is to try and move the senses by giving an intensification of reality. Whether this can be achieved depends on how intensely the painter understands and feels for the person or objects of his choice. Because this is the only art in which the intuitive qualities of an artist may be more valuable to him than actual knowledge or intelligence.”

– Lucian Freud (Selz and Stiles, 1996, 219.)

What I enjoy most about working in the arts is that I can continuously reinvent my artwork. There are many mediums to explore and subjects to discover. I also enjoy seeing other artists work and comparing and learning from different ideas and forms of visual language. When I am away from the creative process for too long, I feel as though I am losing my purpose. With practice, one can only mature and get better.

For this reason, I am very excited about the opportunity to have my work featured on 728 Outdoor. Displaying my work on 728 Outdoor offers my artwork exposure I would not ordinarily receive as an emerging artist. I have enjoyed working with designers who have transposed my traditionally formatted imagery onto new and contemporary surfaces. I like the idea of using my work to support healthy physical activities and healthy life style choices. Creating art, like snowboarding, requires physical energy and good health. 728 Outdoor recognizes this and both supports creativity in the arts as well as athletics. Upon purchasing a 728 Outdoor snowboard, you will be purchasing a print of an original painting created in an artist’s studio and at one point on display in a professional gallery. Thank you for supporting the arts!!!!